Daddy O Five Loses Custody

Rose with the help of her lawyer got her children back.

Good morning, my little bong buddies! I wanted to give you a quick update on the DaddyOFive case. After a collaberated effort from people on YouTube. Cody and Emma are now with their biological mom. It’s really awesome to see how when people come together and make good things happen. YouTubers created a GoFundMe for Rose, the bio mom, which has raised over $4,000. Rose was reunited with the kids yesterday, but not without a shitload of drama. Apparently, when Rose and the police rolled up on DaddyOFive’s home he was packing a moving truck! That’s right folks he was going to skip town with the kids to avoid the law, but you can’t run from the law. Rose has an interesting story to tell about how she lost custody of her children to begin with. Here is an audio of her compelling story:



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