No Healthcare for You Either

Obamacare might be a thing of the past if the Senate votes for the new AHCA bill.

Under the heels of yesterday’s congressional vote to repeal and replace Obamacare the nation is asking “is this all they can come up with?” Folks, this bill is a joke! The new bill allows insurance companies to “cherry pick” customers based on pre-existing illnesses such as cesarean birth, sexual assault, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and the list goes on.  It also lifts the mandate for healthy people to enroll into the Obamacare plan. Because of the lift on the mandate, insurance companies can now put people into pools based on pre-existing illnesses making premiums more expressive and therefore healthcare less accessible to the working poor. It also reduces Medicare benefits for the elderly and over 7 million veterans who live in rural areas will lose their accessibility to health care and services.

The wealthy were the ones who benefited the most from yesterday’s vote, giving the super rich a $6 billion tax cut. This wasn’t a healthcare bill this was a tax cut bill for the  wealthy. No longer will they be taxed to support Obamacare.  But wait, not so fast. This morning the Senate announced they will not pass this bill and are now working to come up with a bill of their own. I have a new-found respect for the Senate. They seem to be doing a great job working in a bipartisan fashion on the investigation into the Trump-Russia connection. They seem to be able to come together on creating sustainable relationships that cross party lines. I’m really liking these guys. On the flip side I can’t say the same for Congress. Congress seems to be like an annoying little brother that keeps saying he wants to play, but he don’t understand the damn game!

Another issue I have with this ram-rodded healthcare bill is it didn’t have a Congressional Budget Office or CBO rating  which determines how much a bill will cost in the long run. The CBO is a bipartisan organization. Speaker Paul Ryan said that under his leadership no bill shall be passed without a CBO rating. Apparently, this isn’t the truth.

Affordable, accessible healthcare isn’t a luxury, it is a right! The only way to make this happened is to regulate health care costs and insurance companies. The only solution is universal health care. In fact, even Trump praised Australia’s universal health care system. I guess being a democratic socialist does make sense.



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