Death of a grunge rocker

Chris Cornell, front man for Soundgarden was found dead in a Detroit hotel room.

Yesterday we learned about Chris Cornell’s death. Cornell, front man for Audioslave and Soundgarden, was a prolific Seattle rocker and reached the heights of grunge fame in the 90’s. I loved his steely voice especially in songs like Black Hole Sun and Outshine.

This morning we learned more about Cornell’s last hours from his wife Vicky. She said he wasn’t depressed or suicidal. She talked to him before his last concert in Detroit, and said he seemed fine. It was after the concert she spoke to him and he sounded slow and his speech was slurred. He mentioned that he might have taken too much Ativan. At 12:30 police entered his room and found him dead from hanging.

I have a personal story I want to share with you about Ativan.  Ativan is commonly prescribed for sleep and anxiety, but the side effects are far more dangerous than what it claims it cures or controls. One of the side effects from this drug is suicidal thoughts. After being prescribed Ativan, I unknowingly became addicted to the drug. During the seven years I was on the drug I was severely depressed, attempted suicide two times and hospitalized twice. My doctors continued to prescribe Ativan. It wasn’t until Christmas 2012 when my Ativan prescription got lost in the mail. I didn’t understand what withdrawal really was, but I was about to learn. By day three I was in full-blown withdrawal. My legs were restless, every bone in my body felt twisted. I threw up and shit at the same time! I laid on the bathroom floor next to the cat box and begged God to take me. Little did I know I could have accidentally killed myself. By doing a cold withdrawal  and not tapering off the medication I could have had a seizure and died.

It took years to recover from what that drug did to me physically and emotionally. I’m convinced that Ativan attributed greatly to my depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Because of my experience with Ativan I read all the information on medication before taking it. I don’t assume that my doctor has my best interest in mind. I now advocate for myself. I only wished that Cornell had someone to advocate for him. Now the only grunge rocker left is Eddie Vedder. This about that for a minute.



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