The Streets of Oakland California

Street whore Jasmin Abuslin, aka Celeste Guap settled with the OPD.

A settlement was reach this week in the Oakland sex scandal. Teenaged street hooker from East 14th St, Jasmine Abuslin won a million dollar settlement from the Oakland Police Department and profited from her crimes.

Abuslin, also known as Celeste Guap, was at the center of the scandal because of a dead man’s suicide note. Here’s how it all went down. Oakland Police Officer Brendan O’Brien took his life after state investigators were closing in on him for the possible murder of his wife Irma Lopez. O ‘Brien said he went out for cigarettes after having an argument with Lopez and when he returned she was lying on a bed with his recreational pistol in her hand. The family of Irma Lopez said she would have never committed suicide. That spurred state investigators to take a closer look into the death of Lopez.

Originally the death was ruled a suicide by the Oakland Police Department, but rumors began to surface about his relationship with Guap, who at the time was underage. Guap met O’Brien after he saw her being chased down the street by her pimp. O’Brien picked up Guap, but instead of taking her to the police station he decided to take her to a secluded place to “talk.” Guap said that’s when their relationship began.

The suicide note left by O’Brien named specific officers that had relations with Guap.  Guap says she had sex with over 30 police officers from four different cities . Guap said police officers had paid here with money, meals and information including prostitution stings.

It is expected that Guap will reach settlements with the other cities for the police misconduct. So far 15 police officers have been fired and 2 Police Chiefs were forced to resign.

This post isn’t about whether Guap had sexual encounters with 30 police officer, or that both her parents worked at as dispatchers with the Oakland Police Department. This is about taxpayers who are forced to pay people who were engaged in crimes, such as in the Oakland sex scandal. No matter what Guap’s age was at the time she had sex with these officers, she knew hooking is illegal. Being underage doesn’t give anyone a free pass from consequences, and it certainly doesn’t warrant a windfall of a million bucks.

What are your thoughts?


The murder of Terence Crutcher

I’m so sick of writing blog posts about another unarmed African-American shot dead by a jumpy white police officer, who says they swore they saw a gun. But here we go again. What’s worse is to hear that another jumpy white cop is getting off! That’s the case with Terence Crutcher.

On September 16, 2016, Terence Crutcher, a 40-year-old father of four, was fatally shot by white police officer Betty Shelby in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was unarmed during the encounter, in which he was standing near his vehicle in the middle of a street.  Cruthcer told witnesses in the area that he thought that car was getting ready to explode.  Cops were called to the scene  where they tried to subdue Crutcher but clearly he can be seen p

Shelby claimed she saw a gun and that’s when she shot Crutcher in the street. But that’s not the most disturbing part of this story. It’s what the other officers said and did that is the crux of this case. I want you to listen to how the officers who were in the helicopter described Crutcher as a bad dude. By the way, the officer in the helicopter who called Crutcher “a really bad dude, is the husband of Officer Betty Shelly. 

I’m going to piss of some white people but I don’t really give a fuck. These obviously white cops in the helicopter saw a black man. They hadn’t witnessed a crime committed by Crutcher, but to them he was already a “really bad dude.” He couldn’t be a man with a mental illness. He couldn’t be a man with confusion. He couldn’t be anything  but a really bad dude, because he was black. We’ve seen this over and over again, this crazy assumption that white people make up in their minds about people of color, that they are violent criminals! The most abhorrent behavior is from the cops at the scene who allowed Crutcher to bleed out in the street. It took 45 minutes before medical attention was given to him. That was done on purpose. No witness, no crime. Although Shelly said she saw a gun and that Crutcher had threatened her, video shows a different story (see Shelly’s police interrogation below.)

In the end Crutcher is dead and this week Officer Betty Shelly was acquitted and received $35,000 in back pay. If that isn’t enough to be mad about then I don’t know what is. In the end Crutcher is just another dead black man who got no justice!