The Streets of Oakland California

Street whore Jasmin Abuslin, aka Celeste Guap settled with the OPD.

A settlement was reach this week in the Oakland sex scandal. Teenaged street hooker from East 14th St, Jasmine Abuslin won a million dollar settlement from the Oakland Police Department and profited from her crimes.

Abuslin, also known as Celeste Guap, was at the center of the scandal because of a dead man’s suicide note. Here’s how it all went down. Oakland Police Officer Brendan O’Brien took his life after state investigators were closing in on him for the possible murder of his wife Irma Lopez. O ‘Brien said he went out for cigarettes after having an argument with Lopez and when he returned she was lying on a bed with his recreational pistol in her hand. The family of Irma Lopez said she would have never committed suicide. That spurred state investigators to take a closer look into the death of Lopez.

Originally the death was ruled a suicide by the Oakland Police Department, but rumors began to surface about his relationship with Guap, who at the time was underage. Guap met O’Brien after he saw her being chased down the street by her pimp. O’Brien picked up Guap, but instead of taking her to the police station he decided to take her to a secluded place to “talk.” Guap said that’s when their relationship began.

The suicide note left by O’Brien named specific officers that had relations with Guap.  Guap says she had sex with over 30 police officers from four different cities . Guap said police officers had paid here with money, meals and information including prostitution stings.

It is expected that Guap will reach settlements with the other cities for the police misconduct. So far 15 police officers have been fired and 2 Police Chiefs were forced to resign.

This post isn’t about whether Guap had sexual encounters with 30 police officer, or that both her parents worked at as dispatchers with the Oakland Police Department. This is about taxpayers who are forced to pay people who were engaged in crimes, such as in the Oakland sex scandal. No matter what Guap’s age was at the time she had sex with these officers, she knew hooking is illegal. Being underage doesn’t give anyone a free pass from consequences, and it certainly doesn’t warrant a windfall of a million bucks.

What are your thoughts?


Griffin on Trump’s D-List

It was a rough week for edgy comedian Kathy Griffin after she appeared in a photo with the severed head of President Trump. America, the butthurt, decided the picture was so bad that Griffin deserved to be maligned in the press, fired from CNN and basically left to the wolves. This post isn’t about what is deemed as distasteful because comedians aren’t required to tell jokes that are palatable for the majority. A great comedian’s job is to tell the truth, exposed the absurdity and through that joke we are connected to the same human experience. Griffin made a fatal mistake. She apologized. The great comedians such as Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, Joan Rivers never fucking apologized for the joke they told and that is why they were respected and revered. If you are the type of comedian that really gives a fuck what people think, you will never be one of the greats. You’ll be like Griffin apologizing for what is an inalienable right to free speech.

We are seeing trends of a leader who wants to silence you. Under President Trump’s reign as Terrorist in Chief, we’ve seen journalists maligned and bullied, we’ve seen this orange turd try to use intimidation to keep things out of the press and now we see comedians being force to apologize for jokes, including photos, to an admitted pussy grabber! How fucking crazy is that?

When comedians are intimidated into making apologies it’s just one small step towards forcibly silencing everyone you, remember that. Our right to say whatever the fuck we want is what has kept America free and great for the last 241 years despite what this orange asshat in the White House says or does.

In honor of Kathy Griffin and freedom of speech, fuck you Trump, you headless moron.


Death of a grunge rocker

Chris Cornell, front man for Soundgarden was found dead in a Detroit hotel room.

Yesterday we learned about Chris Cornell’s death. Cornell, front man for Audioslave and Soundgarden, was a prolific Seattle rocker and reached the heights of grunge fame in the 90’s. I loved his steely voice especially in songs like Black Hole Sun and Outshine.

This morning we learned more about Cornell’s last hours from his wife Vicky. She said he wasn’t depressed or suicidal. She talked to him before his last concert in Detroit, and said he seemed fine. It was after the concert she spoke to him and he sounded slow and his speech was slurred. He mentioned that he might have taken too much Ativan. At 12:30 police entered his room and found him dead from hanging.

I have a personal story I want to share with you about Ativan.  Ativan is commonly prescribed for sleep and anxiety, but the side effects are far more dangerous than what it claims it cures or controls. One of the side effects from this drug is suicidal thoughts. After being prescribed Ativan, I unknowingly became addicted to the drug. During the seven years I was on the drug I was severely depressed, attempted suicide two times and hospitalized twice. My doctors continued to prescribe Ativan. It wasn’t until Christmas 2012 when my Ativan prescription got lost in the mail. I didn’t understand what withdrawal really was, but I was about to learn. By day three I was in full-blown withdrawal. My legs were restless, every bone in my body felt twisted. I threw up and shit at the same time! I laid on the bathroom floor next to the cat box and begged God to take me. Little did I know I could have accidentally killed myself. By doing a cold withdrawal  and not tapering off the medication I could have had a seizure and died.

It took years to recover from what that drug did to me physically and emotionally. I’m convinced that Ativan attributed greatly to my depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Because of my experience with Ativan I read all the information on medication before taking it. I don’t assume that my doctor has my best interest in mind. I now advocate for myself. I only wished that Cornell had someone to advocate for him. Now the only grunge rocker left is Eddie Vedder. This about that for a minute.