Cries Unheard from Syria


Aleppo was the largest economy in Syria before the war.

I’m a true documentary junkie and I want to share with you one that is a “must see.” Cries From Syria, a Sundance Film Festival winner, is the harrowing tale of the Syrian civil war and the endless suffering the people have had to endure for more than seven years with no end in sight

I didn’t  know why the Syrian people were revolting against Bashar Al Assad’s regime. I suppose I am like most Americans, shielded from the rest of the world’s problems, but this documentary forced me to understand what is happening and how external forces have made it worse for the Syrian people.

While watching Cries for Syria it forced me to think about what would I do if the same atrocities were to happen here in America, gassing citizens with chemical weapons or randomly shooting cannons through houses and tanks invading my city? If I fought back against the tyranny of my government would they call me a terrorist? What I learned from this documentary is that Americans are being lied to by the government and media. They have us so scared of Muslims, and because of our willful ignorance we not only buy but embrace what they sell to us every day. This documentary should serve as a warning to us that this situation could easily happen if we allow politicians to erode our rights, our freedom of speech and our right to peaceful assembly.