Daddy O Five Loses Custody

Rose with the help of her lawyer got her children back.

Good morning, my little bong buddies! I wanted to give you a quick update on the DaddyOFive case. After a collaberated effort from people on YouTube. Cody and Emma are now with their biological mom. It’s really awesome to see how when people come together and make good things happen. YouTubers created a GoFundMe for Rose, the bio mom, which has raised over $4,000. Rose was reunited with the kids yesterday, but not without a shitload of drama. Apparently, when Rose and the police rolled up on DaddyOFive’s home he was packing a moving truck! That’s right folks he was going to skip town with the kids to avoid the law, but you can’t run from the law. Rose has an interesting story to tell about how she lost custody of her children to begin with. Here is an audio of her compelling story:


Money For Nothing, and the Fame For Free

Mike Martin admitted the fame became addictive for him and his family

People often say the worship of money is a sin, but the search for fame just might be a close second. Take the case of YouTube’s DaddyOFive channel. Mike Martin and his wife Heather, created the channel where they prank their kids to get their reactions. The Martin’s claim nearly every video is staged. I viewed nearly all of them and if these videos are staged these kids need Oscars.

Some of the scenarios in the videos include condoning violence between their children, destruction of personal property and emotional abuse. The  DaddyOFive channel gained a following of over 700K subscribers. Take a look at the video that caused these parents to be formally investigated by CPS.

The age of social media has allowed the average person a chance at quasi-fame with only a camera and a computer. The Martin’s say the quest for fame became addictive, and as they attracted more subscribers they upped the ante. The more viewers and subscribers the channel got the more companies wanted  to advertise on the DaddyOFive channel, and this is how the Martin’s made money. What started out to be friendly family videos quickly became abusive and viewers began to complain to Child Protective Services.

Fame is more addictive than money, but just like money it will cause a person to say and do things they wouldn’t do in normal circumstances. Managing fame requires a person to understand that fame is fleeting and it isn’t worth sacrificing your character and or your family.

Daddy O Five Daycare

Mike and Lori lose their kids for prank videos.

Good morning my toker friends. I’ve been incognito, but I’m back and I want to talk about something that really affects me and that’s child abuse. Not just the kind of abuse that consists of hitting or slapping a kid around, but emotional abuse which can sometimes be worse. It isn’t t just the abuse that has me twisted, it’s the fact that people can make money from it. Take for example Mike and Heather from Maryland who started a YouTube channel called Daddy O Five. The videos they post are all about “pranking” their children, but I don’t see a fucking thing that is funny in his videos. His videos include destroying or threatening to destroy his children’s things, violence against women, public ridicule and emotional distress. He had such a large following that he was being paid by advertisers on YouTube, but now Child Protective Services  are following him and his horrid wife.

After viewers complained about the videos Mike and Lori have lost their kids! Take a look for yourself, and let me know what you think.

Mike and Heather have hired a public relations company and are now making the news rounds to soften the blow claiming that “everything was scripted” and the kids were “totally in on it” and were “excited to see how many views they got.” If these kids were acting, then Meryl Streep needs to move the fuck over because these kids are brilliant. But what is not fake or scripted is one of the kids, 8-year-old Cody, who seems to be the butt of all the “pranks,” is now self harming and apparently spreading feces in the house. These acts prove this kid is under severe distress. Our goal as parents is to raise well adjusted people who will go out into society and do well in life, not to make money on them by abusing them. What’s more surprising is that Daddy O Five had thousands of subscribers! I could only watch 15 minutes before I broke down crying for these kids.

Mike and Heather say they only did this because they “wanted to give their kids a better life.” A better life? Really? Because this isn’t a better life, this is child abuse.

Take a look when Mike encourages Alex to slap his sister Emma, in the face .