Defensive Healthcare

Paul Ryan wants America to embrace the new healthcare act.

Good morning my loyal inhalers. Sorry I have been off the grid lately. I’ve started a new job, you know how grueling the training can be, but I’m back.

Wow, what a wild 60 days it has been in the Trump administration, Russiagate, wiretapping, lies and Paul Manafort, it’s like a reality show in the White House. But today it’s all about the American Healthcare Act, also known as “Ryan Care” because you know Trump makes other people do his homework. The healthcare issue has taken center stage in the last two weeks as GOP’ers scramble to come up with a viable alternative to Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Although they’ve had seven years to think of a new healthcare strategy, Washington insiders have indicated that Trump’s American Healthcare act is DOA before it even lands on the House floor for a vote.

One problem with the new bill is that its success is predicated on the capitalistic idea that an open marketplace will generate competition and therefore make insurance more “accessible.” I keep hearing the word “accessible.” Accessibility and affordability are not the same thing. I have access to any Mercedes dealership in the world but it doesn’t mean I can afford their products. It was affordability that was the problem with the ACA because it didn’t offer enough choice.

I have to admit to you that I’m a democratic socialist, and I believe Americans don’t get enough in return for the taxes we pay. We are the only western country that doesn’t have universal healthcare in place. Yet, Trump is asking from us a  $54 billion increase in military spending? Half of our budget is already dedicated to defense, and I have a real problem with that! We were warned by President Eisenhower against investing in the military industrial complex and because we failed to heed this warning our economic prosperity is dependent on war and the suffering of others, usually against people in poor countries. So I ask you, do you really want to invest your money in the killing machine,  or would you like to have healthcare for you and your family? Death, or life? You choose.