Health Care Bill on the Hill

The Donald and Paul Ryan shake hands on a bad deal.

Today marks the health care showdown on Capital Hill and it ain’t looking too good for “The Donald.” Trump/ Ryan Care, or whatever you want to call this crappy deal, is not good for the American people. Last night a new amendment was added to the bill to appease the Freedom Caucus that would reduce maternity care, drug rehabilitation care, care for the elderly and defunds Planned Parenthood. Why don’t we just shoot Santa while we’re at it?

The Trump/Ryan Care bill isn’t a complete bill. Apparently it has three parts! According to Paul Ryan’s own words “parts two and three will be introduced later on because if it was put in the bill now it wouldn’t pass.”  This is an issue for both moderate republicans and democrats because they believe parts two and three are the better parts of this bill, but fear it will never be introduced and once again the American people will become victims of bad legislation. This bill is being ramrodded towards legislation, and I don’t understand what’s the rush? The Congressional Budget office said that 24 million people will lose their healthcare, and this bill will not reduce the budget as much as Trump says it will. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to slow down, take a breath and create a bill that is a viable solution for everyone?

The solution to the health care crisis seems simple to me, it’s Universal Health Care. One of the issues of the Trump/Ryan Care bill with hard-line Conservatives is the expansion of Medicaid coverage. Because the President’s mouth cashed promises that his ass can’t back up, he said, “Everyone will have health insurance and it’s going to be terrific, you’re gonna love it.” That simply isn’t possible unless we have Universal Health Care.

Universal Health Care makes sense and it cuts government bloat by ridding Medicare, Medicaid and what ever shit program the GOP will pass today. With a Universal Health Care we fund only one program and not three.  Also, Universal Health Care forces prescription drug companies to reduce drug costs through negotiation and not the “free market.”  No more will the Martin Shkrelis of the world reign over the people who need vital medication to survive. The same applies to cost of medical care. By cutting costs and shutting down redundant programs that’s how a budget gets balanced!

My prediction is this bill will pass, unfortunately, because the Republican’s handed their balls over in a Dixie cup to Trump the day he won the presidency. What they’ve forgotten is the American people still have their’s and we ain’t handing them over.