Message to the People

Trump says he will not concede

Trump says the fake news is unfair

Right now President Trump is conducting a a press conference, or in his case under-speech, on TV. I believe I’m watching a president implode. His ranting at the press, alternative facts and blaming is just amazing!

Trump says the media is unfair, and is portraying his administration as “chaotic.”Just yesterday on CNN Republican Senator John McCain stated, “There is no leadership in this administration. It’s total chaos.”

The New York Times released an article yesterday about out General Flynn’s conversations with the Russians and how he lied to Vice President Pence. But what’s important¬†in the article is what did Trump know and how long did he know it? The article claims Trump knew about Flynn’s Russian scandal three weeks ago. Trump has been in office for 24 days.

To deflect attention from Russia-gate, Trump blames the Obama Administration for the “mess he inherited” and fake news. He also blames Hillary, who has been amazingly silent in regards to Trump’s continues attacks on her. ¬†He continues to say that his administration his running like a well-oiled machine despite the firing of General Flynn, the Muslim Ban, Kellyanne Conway’s ethics violation and retailers dumping Ivanka’s over-priced duds made in China.

Russia-gate should be at the pinnacle of America’s concern. The idea that a foreign government or entity, can influence and change the direction of our democracy. Russia-gate also forces Americans to question the current election process specifically the electoral college.